Freeman's campaign starkley contrasts the average political campaign. He is not running a 'smear' campaign like many candidates that insults his opposition without giving reason as to why one would vote for him. His campaign is a relatively low key one that simply expresses why he is the best man for the job. The campaign is a fairly personable one, in which Malcom meets the constituents and allows them to express their concerns about issues that matter to them. Because of this, Malcom X has shown to have true perspective. The following commercial illustrates the key reasons Malcom X Freeman is the best candidate for the office of Wisconsin's 6th Congressional District.

Experience: Malcom X Freeman has 21 years of experience serving the country and 11 years of experience in the courtroom.

Education: Malcom X Freeman has a nuclear science degree from MIT and a  law degree from Harvard. While the former may not directly apply to political office, it shows his intellect and dedication through his acquiring one of the most difficult degrees from one of the most prestigious schools in the country. And the latter is a starting point for politics that is nearly unmatchable.

Character: Malcom X Freeman is shown to be, quite simply, a great person with ideal personal characteristics. He has the perspective of a middle class person, the humbleness and prudence of someone forsaking a life of riches, and the inherent goodness that comes with dedicating one's life to both family and country, as well as the serving of justice in the courtroom.

These are the clear reasons to give your vote to Malcom X Freeman. He is simply the best man for the job, and is
dedicated to leading us down a path to a better tomorrow.

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