Malcom X Freeman is the son of the esteemed actor Morgan Freeman. Despite his striking resemblance to his father, both in voice and appearance, he has managed to live a relatively low key, yet successful life. His father, in order to instill upon Malcom X the importance of being humble and prudent, raised his son in Wautoma, Wisconsin, in a typical middle class environment. Growing up, Malcom X showed traits of leadership and strong intellect, but this was never truly used to it's true potential until he began college and later, his career. He attended MIT for a degree in Nuclear science with the aid of the Naval ROTC program. He acquired this degree to help satiate his desire to help the environment, but decided that he could have more of an impact on society with a degree in law. So, he went to Harvard University and graduated at the top of his class with a law degree.


He served in the Navy for 10 years after this education, in an effort to help his fellow man as well as repay the Navy for supporting him through the ROTC program. During this time, he was awarded the medal of honor for a daring rescue mission that saved the lives of several soldiers in his company. After this service, he decided to put his law degree to good use, becoming a Naval JAG lawyer. He has remained in this position ever since, with a stellar record in court and the constant approval of both his superiors and the people around him.

Personal Life

Malcom X Freeman married Mary Sommers 20 years ago, and has had a happy and successful marriage since. He and Mary raised three beautiful girls together.

Entrance into Politics

Malcom X Freeman is a registered Republican, although is not a close minded one. He accepts fair debate in any form and takes all opinions into account when it comes to politics, and the result has been the development of amazing political instinct and decision making. Because he grew up in Wautoma, and experienced the middle class lifestyle he did, he witnessed firsthand the plight of the common man. He noticed how hard the middle class truly works to maintain a decent living, and this puts one of his strongest opinions in clear focus: The middle and lower class people are the backbone of America, and need to be taxed less to relieve their strain. 


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