My name is Rob Schmidt. I am a freelance web designer from Wisconsin, in the United States. My goal is to offer a complete solution for the creation and maintenance of a website, using cutting edge technology and the utmost sense of responsibility and integrity. I have designed many sites in the past, the notable examples being available for viewing in my portfolio, and I have done so using a variety of methods.

Imagemap based websites, which offer the finest control over visual aspects with a slight sacrifice in functionality and performance and a complete sacrifice of dynamic content.


Flash based websites offer the greatest opportunity for dynamic, visually appealing aesthetics; however, they lack compatibility, as most portable devices [cell phones, smartphones, tablets], including all Apple devices, will be unable to view the site.


HTML 4 sites offer the greatest compatibility, nearly any device with the capability to browse the web can view HTML 4 websites; however, HTML 4 lacks extensive visual configuration and requires outside tools to add dynamic content.


HTML 5 sites, which are the future. They build upon the solid base of compatibility that is HTML 4 and add extensive controls for visual and dynamic content, while maintaining superb performance. Most modern devices can view HTML 5 websites.

I am proficient in all of the above mentioned methods. While hard coding sites is the most prudent long term method of creating a site, it can prove to be horribly inefficient. If necessary, I can use many web authoring tools to speed and simplify the creation and maintenance of websites, including Adobe Dreamweaver, Kompozer, Trellian WebPage, Adobe Muse, and Adobe Rome.


I am also well-versed in the use of tools such as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP in graphic design in terms of creating logos, banners and other images for a website.