This is the current professional page for Rob Schmidt Design. The site is the pinnacle of my abilities to create a standards compliant website in a visually appealing way without sacrificing compatability, speed or function. The site is entirely coded in HTML5, with the initial creation of the site being done and exported from Adobe Muse. I then went over each line of code to ensure it was properly written and placed, and hard coded all the javascript objects, including the dynamic social media buttons on the homepage. The site consists of a homepage, a portfolio browser, a portfolio page for each site in my portfolio, an about page, a contact page, and page with information about the site itself.


All of the graphic design work in the site excluding the social network buttons [dynamic and static/linked] was done by me using GIMP. This includes the banner, wallpaper, and static background image.


All of the dynamic content other than the social network dynamic buttons was added to the site with Adobe Muse, and

the formatting [size, location, etc.] was done later, hard coded in Notepad++.


Every page on the site follows the same basic format. The static background image, the width of the content section, the banner, the content section's background color, and the navigation links at the top and bottom of the site remain consistent throughout each page to present both a sense of unity and easy navigation to the various pages on the site.


The homepage is simple and to the point. It acts as a portal to the rest of the site, and to external social networks. The only block of text is a short introduction paragraph explaining what the site is for and who I am. Under that are static/linked social network buttons; that is, they are small icons representing the various social networking sites Rob Schmidt Design uses [Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, and an RSS feed] that are linked directly to Rob Schmidt Design's page on the respective social network. Under each of the static/linked social network buttons, with the exclusion of the RSS feed button, is a dynamic social network button. This allows users to like, +1, follow, or post about Rob Schmidt Design in a quick manner, and, in the case of the like and +1 buttons, see how many people have liked or +1'd Rob Schmidt Design in the past. And the final bit of content on the homepage is a section allowing users to download Rob Schmidt Design wallpapers of various sizes for free. There are three links to three different sizes of the wallpaper, and each is linked directly to a .png format image.


The portfolio browser is a simple HTML5 widget, added from Adobe Muse and formatted through hard coding. The browser allows viewers of the site to see an image of the site they are interested in, and to either navigate to the site or read more about it on that site's dedicated portfolio page. The widget has a smooth animation that adds to the visual appeal of the page, and allows for the viewer's interest to be piqued before navigating to each site's dedicated portfolio page, all of which are fairly non dynamic and aesthetically bland.


The dedicated portfolio pages for each of the sites are purely content driver. There is no dynamic content on these pages in an effort to not distract from the information presented on each page. Each page consists of an image of the site, and several paragraphs of information about the site, as well as a link to the site.


The About, Contact, and About This Site pages are simple and straightforward. The About page is comparable to the dedicated portfolio pages, small, no dynamic content, and content driven. It consists of a bit of textual information about Rob Schmidt Design. The Contact page is effectively the same, with the exception of the 'Call Me' button which, curteosy of Google Voice, allows users to quickly and easily be connected to me via phone. The About This Site is also nearly identical to the About page, with the exception of having a link to the changelog.


This site is a good example of my abilities with Adobe Muse and of my abilities to hard code in standards compliant HTML5. It provides dynamic content where aesthetic appeal is appropriate, and staid, content driven pages where information is key. It allows viewers to connect with Rob Schmidt Design via their social networks, and is essentially the typical type of website clients will desire and will recieve if they hire me.


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