This is the flash based website for the electronic artist known as Fire In The Clouds.


Fire In The Clouds creates music that fits under genres varying from dubstep to moombahcore. This could be disconcerting in music if it weren't for the unifying emotion underneath every song. You can visit the Fire In The Clouds flash site here and buy his music here.


The website was created using a variety of methods and programs. The central flash component of the site was created using Adobe ROME, which allowed for efficiently creating a flash site with an emphasis on aesthetic appeal. This site is the pinnacle of my ability with flash; it embodies simplicity and, again, aesthetic appeal.

The site is divided into five pages; the homepage, a page with information about Fire In The Clouds, a page dedicated to the music store, a page with pictures of the artist and a few wallpaper images, and a page with information about the site itself.


Each page is unified with a consistent background color, both in the flash and on the HTML page's background. Adding to this unification is the banner which is separate complete from the flash component; a mapped image providing a simple home link and a link to launch a popup music player to allow for listening to Fire In The Clouds' music while browsing this or another site.


The navigation tool is an element perfectly consistent on each page. It is a complex snippet of flash animation that I added from the Adobe ROME online project sharing services. It adds an element of technological advancement to the site that crisply contrasts with the smooth, blurred content, without detracting from aesthetic appeal. During navigation from one page to another, there is a transition that is effectively a quick, bright fade to white. The transition only encompasses the flash object on the page, therefore only the 800x600 area in the center of the screen flashes white. I considered finding a way to make the entire page transition in the same way; however, I decided that would be a bit distracting and detract from the focus on the flash object holding the content of the site.


The home page is quite simple, with a slow animation of the artist's name coming into central focus. Flanking this on the top and bottom of the page are basic, concise instructions on using the site. On the bottom, there are a number of social networking icons linked to Fire In The Clouds' page on each of the sites, respectively. The icons were found on the internet labeled for commercial reuse with modification, and were modified only to change the background color of each icon to the deep red of the background. On the top of the page is the navigation tool.


The about page is effectively just text added to the consistent elements of the site. On the about page I listed a bit of information about Fire In The Clouds, including location and aspirations, the software and hardware used in the creation of his music, and a bit of general background information. Of course the page remains consistent with the rest, with a navigation tool near the top of the page and the same deep red background color.


The store page is relatively lacking in actual function. My client requested that the store used be ReverbNation's. Due to technical restrictions and ReverbNation's usability restrictions on embedded stores, I was unable to add the store to the flash object. Instead, I merely provided a short explanation of the lack of functionality, and added a link to the page of the HTML compatibility site that contained the iframe with the store embedded.


The pictures page is, again, quite simple, as I intended the entire site to be. Other than the consistent feature, being the navigation tool, the entire page consists of small image thumbnails. These thumbnails were linked to their full size counterpart images. As a bit of a side note, I found that the images, when directly embedded into Adobe ROME, had a noticeable lag in load time. To fix this, I simply deleted the images that ROME provided when the site was exported, and created my own compressed PNG images of the same physical size and with the same name as those ROME would have created, and for reasons unbeknownst to me, the images loaded nearly instantaneously after.


Finally, the About This Site page is a bit more convoluted than the rest of the site, but it's meant to have all the information that someone interested in the site itself could want to view. It includes copyright information, contact information for the webmaster [myself] and Fire In The Clouds himself, a list of the methods used to create the site, and, most importantly, a link to the changelog.


This site remains a favorite of mine in terms of flash based websites. I feel I succeeded in providing a simple, crisp site that remains aesthetically appealing without taking away in any large amount from the function of the site, which is mostly informational and meant to advertise.


Visit the site here.