The Malcom X Freeman campaign site was created for a mock campaign run in an American Government course. It illustrates my ability to provide a complete solution for a website, to hard code, and to create a website quickly and efficiently.


Everything on this site is created entirely by myself, with the exception of the Youtube player, and the images of Morgan Freeman. I created the embedded video, the banner, and of course, the site itself. This illustrates an ability to provide a complete solution; that is, to create a website and all the elements within a website without needing to rely on other marketing professionals.


This website is an example of my ability to hard code. This entire site was hard coded in Notepad++.

This website also exemplifies speed and efficiency. Due to a lack of notice about the requirement of the site, I was left with very little time to complete it. The entire website, including the creation of the banner, the creation of the video, and the hard coding of the HTML, was created in approximately 20 hours.


This website is not exceptional aesthetically, nor functionally, nor technologically; however, it epitomizes a few qualities that are prerequisite to being a successful web designer. It is one of the sites I am most proud of due to the speed with which it was created and the fact it was completely created by me and without outside material.



The name Malcom X Freeman may strike images of radical, violent uprising and riot. Also Morgan Freeman. Disturbingly, this was my intent. I chose the name to invoke the most extreme forms of forced equality imaginable. However, I wanted this radicalism contained within a personality that was well respected, and generally liked, so I chose a nuclear relative of Morgan Freeman. Any offense or immaturity this figure conjures was entirely unintentional and I do apologize for them.


Visit the site here.