This was the HTML alternative site for my original flash based professional site. The site is meant to provide information in a static format, with no dynamic content. It was designed this way in an effort to make the site quick, crisp, and easy to access from any device. The site is entirely HTML based, with an imagemap navigator integrated with the banner.


The HTML content was laid out using Kompozer. After the table based layout was completed, I hard coded in the content. The home page is the same as on the flash based site, while the rest of the pages were formatted differently but contained almost exactly the same content as on the flash site.


The home page, as well as both navigation bars and their imagemap code, were created in GIMP,



This site is a good example of the simplest form of website I can create, an HTML 4.0 website relying on no outside technologies. While this sacrifices dynamic content and some visual appeal, it provides the utmost speed, responsiveness, simplicity and, most importantly, compatability. It gets the information to the viewer without distracting them with long loading times or flashy animation.


Visit the site here.



If you view this site, you will notice that the various 'personal site' links do not link to any pages that actually exist. This is because I decided to remove the personal section of the website and focus solely on the professional site.